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About Us

Everything you need to know about your fave local retro brand from Montreal.


  Multi-talented, Angie Larocque embraced the world of fashion with passion by being self-taught, letting herself be guided by her creative ideas. Actress, she appeared in the film Overboard with Eva Langoria, the series Date my dad with Raquel Welsh and, recently, in Another story alongside Marina Orsini. Angie is also a dj and studied business law, marketing and communications.

  Les Aguicheuses lingerie is proudly made in Montreal with some of eco-responsible fabrics in very limited quantities. Designed specifically to hug and enhance a woman's curves, Angie Larocque's creations are the only Montreal brand that produces retro lingerie for plus sizes. Inspired by the styles and shapes of the 80s and 90s. The most flattering panties and the most elegant nightgown you will find in town. We only manufacture very limited quantities. Les Aguicheuses are made for all sizes from XSmall to 2X. We pride ourselves on Les Aguicheuses  retro lingerie being made in Montreal.


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